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Photo by: Maret Põldveer-Turay

Photo by: Kadi-Liis Koppel

Photo by: Maret Põldveer-Turay

Photo by: Maret Põldveer-Turay

Photo by: Paul Kuimet

Best ways to enjoy the snow in Tallinn

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This morning, Tallinn woke up to a winter wonderland and the snowing doesn't seem to end any time soon either. As pure white snow covers the city, our team at Visit Tallinn gives you their personal recommendations on what to do on a snowy day in Tallinn. Here are our top choices!

An extra tip from the whole team: today we celebrate Shrove Tuesday, a moving holiday marking the (distant) arrival of spring. So take full advantage of today's snow overload and immerse yourself in local customs: go sledging for good luck (the longer the ride, the better) and have a vastlakukkel, a sweet bun with whipped cream. 

Mall (sends out the best of the best Visit Tallinn newsletters):
“Have a cup of hot chocolate at Masters’ Courtyard. Sit by the window indoors or outside and enjoy the moment.”

Karen (keeps Visit Tallinn on the right track with correct numbers and analysis):
“Go cross-country skiing at Pirita Health Track. The tracks are free for anyone to use, and you can rent skis on the spot. At Pirita Health Track you can also skate and go sledging.”

Liis (takes care that Tallinn is one of the best at hospitality business):
“Enjoy the snow, but be careful on the slippery streets.”

Meeli (manages our convention bureau with a professional touch):
“Go ice-skating in the Old Town, on Harju Ice Rink.”

Mia (communicates with you on LinkedIn, when she’s not busy bringing top conferences into town):
“Have a picnic outside! It’s nice to drink glög outside by a campfire. Best places to have a wintry picnic are forest, beaches and bogs.”

Laura (looks after that Visit Tallinn’s web content is up to date and top-notch):
“If you are in Tallinn with family, go sledging at Nõmme. There are good places for sledging by the Nõmme market and at the Nõmme Sports Centre. At Nõmme Sports Centre you can also rent skis and go skiing.”

Kai (makes sure that you get to visit the must-see places in town with Tallinn Card):
“Go for a walk at Pääsküla bog, or read a good book by the window and watch the snowfall.”

Helena (manages our marketing bureau and takes care that Tallinn gets the attention it deserves):
“If you are not a fan of cold and snowy winter, go to a spa and enjoy the warmth.”

Maili (makes Visit Tallinn’s website user-friendly and easy to use):
”Go skiing and snowboarding at Vimka (Viimsi Mäepark). It’s a bit further from the city centre, but really popular among locals. To get there, take the bus 1A from Viru Centre to Viimsi, and walk about 20 minutes. On the way, you can stop at the Viimsi devil’s cave (Viimsi kuradikoobas). You can also come and shovel snow from my garden (just kidding).”

Silja (looks after that you get all the information you’ll need about Tallinn Card before you even know it):
“Go to a sauna and jump in the snow.”

Maret (takes care of Visit Tallinn Twitter and Facebook pages and fans):
“Locals like to stroll in Kadriorg Park. Join them, or get a cup of warm cocoa from a café nearby and just watch others.”

Kadi-Liis (Visit Tallinn’s Instagram guru):
”Go for a walk in the beautiful Old Town. Start from Lühike Jalg and continue to Kohtuotsa viewing platform to enjoy the view and get some pictures. Come back along the Pikk Jalg down to Town Hall square and finish your sightseeing walk at Rukis café on Viru street. When you can feel your toes again, go to RØST bakery in Rotermann Quarter.” 

Noora (writes for Visit Tallinn's blog):
"Head to KalamajaTelliskivi Creative CityF-Hoone and order mutton dumplings in creamy mushroom sauce. It's really good and helps you to stay warm on a cold winter day."

Rea (helps you out at our Tourist Information Centre):
“Go for a winter swim or to the forest to take some Instagram-worthy pictures.”

Thea (our Estonian by passport, Spanish by soul, information specialist):
“Try Nordic walking in Nõmme!”

Gert (information specialist, knows everything about anything):
“Take photos of snowy Tallinn from the viewing platforms. Challenge your friend to a snowball fight, build a snowman or create snow angels.”

Katrin (manages our Tourist Information Centre and takes care that you’ll get all the information you need):
“In the Old Town, for sure, visit the Harju Ice Rink and go to the viewing platforms. The views are magnificent in the evenings when it snows and it starts to get dark. After that have a cup of hot chocolate or tee at a cosy Reval Café at Müürivahe street, for example. Visit Lennusadam, it’s interesting in any weather. There’s also plenty of room by the museum and in Kalamaja park to have a snow fight and make snow angels.”

Kersti (manages Tallinn Card to so you can see more and pay less):
“Take a walk in the Old Town in the early morning, before sunrise. It’s a magical feeling to have the whole Old Town to yourself.”

Irina (represents Visit Tallinn at tourism events all over the globe):
"Try winter swimming or enjoy the silence at Metsakalmistu, a picturesque cemetery hidden in a pine forest in Pirita."