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Photo by: Kadi-Liis Koppel

By Noora Karppi  •  14.05.2018

Tallinn has several places that ideal for picnics. Tallinn is one of the greenest capitals in the world, and boasts with parks, beaches, woods and bogs, creating scenic surroundings for a meal outdoors.

Grab a blanket, a book, some games and your favorite snacks and head to one of these places to have a pleasant brunch in the city nature. Please remember to take the trash with you and don’t leave anything behind, so the next person can also enjoy a lovely picnic in clean nature.

Kadriorg Park

Lovely Kadriorg Park is the biggest and most popular park in Tallinn. This year, the park turns 300 years old. Kadriorg Park is romantic at any season and offers lots to discover.

The famous Swan Pond of Tallinn is greeting you, in the People’s Park, when you enter Kadriorg Park from Poska street. People’s Park stretches all the way to the Rose Hill and gates of Kumu art museum.

English Landscape Park with a natural oak grove and a limestone bank offer great views for relaxing strolls. Tucked away at one end of the park is the lovely Japanese Garden.

Best place to enjoy a picnic in the Kadriorg Park is in the People's Park or lower garden of the regular garden. Here you'll find shade under the trees and magnificent views to the Kadriorg Palace and art museum.

Must have item in your picnic basket: macarons
You can find sweet macarons form Katharinenthal café near the entrance to Kadriorg Park, by the Swan Pond.

Maarjamäe Memorial

Maarjamäe Memorial is one of the largest pieces of landscape architecture in Estonia. The memorial stands on Pirita road offering magnificent panoramic views to Tallinn Bay and city.

The memorial with its tribunes is popular place for local young people to hang out. You can also spot children learning to ride bikes and skaters doing tricks on the long dolomite pathways.

The memorial was built during the Soviet rule. It is a large complex consisting of several memorial monuments, remembering the people who lost their lives in the Second World War.

At the end of summer 2018 a new memorial, remembering the victims of communism, will be opened next to the Maarjamäe Memorial.

Must have item in your picnic basket: pastries
Stop by the Narva café on your way to Maarjamäe and fill your picnic basket with authentic old-school pastries.

Harju Street Park

Harju Street Park is the green area located between Harju street and St. Nicholas’ Church in the Old Town, right next to the Tourist Information Centre.

Here you can enjoy the sunshine in the heart of Tallinn and watch people passing by. The park is slightly above street level, giving privacy, but still beautiful views to the Old Town surrounding it.

The area used to be filled with buildings that were destroyed in bombing during the Second World War. The ruins were filled in 2007 and Harju Street Park created. You can learn more about the history of the area from memorial plates placed by the street.

Today the Harju Street Park is a popular place for nearby office workers for a quick lunch outdoors and tired tourists to rest their feet.

Must have item in your picnic basket: marzipan
Marzipan room in the Old Town has the best selection of marzipan treats.

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Estonian Open Air Museum

Estonian Open Air Museum is located by the sea in beautiful Rocca al Mare neighborhood. The museum presents life in Estonian villages in the 18th and 20th century through 74 different buildings.

You can spent a whole day at the Open Air Museum and take part in the activities and events at the farms. The 72,22 hectares offers endless possibilities to have a picnic. Watch the windmills slowly rotating, have fun by the village swing or sit by the fishing house and admire the coast of Baltic Sea.

If you run out of snacks, you can buy some from the Lau village shop.

Must have item in your picnic basket: black bread, pickles
The easiest way is to grab these delicacies from Balti Jaam Market before taking the bus to the museum.

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Stroomi Beach Park

Stroomi beach is the second largest beach in Tallinn after Pirita beach, and popular among locals. Besides amazing opportunity to swim in the Baltic Sea, Stroomi Beach also has its own park.

Stroomi Beach Park is directly connected to the beach, offering majestic views for people enjoying picnics in the park. There’s also playgrounds for children, bicycle roads, walking paths and a promenade by the sea with a bird watching tower, and volleyball and football courts for everyone interested in sports and activities.

Must have item in your picnic basket: ice cream
Buy ice cream at the spot. Café and several kiosks at the beach sell ice cream during summer months.

Other unique places to have a picnic in Tallinn

Catherine’s Quay (Katariina kai)
Next to Pikakari beach is the 300-meter-long seawall, known as Catherine’s Quay. The quay offers magnificent views to Tallinn skyline.

Right next to the Old Town is the Toompark surrounding Shnelli pond. Locals like to recharge here, run, and enjoy sunny days.

Tallinn Botanic Garden
Tallinn Botanic Garden is located in Pirita, next to Tallinn TV Tower. Step inside to see the exotic plants or just sit outside and have a picnic.

On a boat on Pirita river
An exciting choice is to have a picnic on a boat in Pirita River. It is completely doable with a little help from the boat rental company (and with Tallinn Card you'll get one hour boat rental with a 50% discount).