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100 things you should do in Tallinn in 2018

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By Noora Karppi  •  10.01.2018

In 2018 the Republic of Estonia celebrates its 100th birthdayKadriorg Park turns 300 and Tallinn Card 20 yearsLonely Planet also chose Tallinn as the Best Value Destination 2018. There’s really no better time to visit Tallinn and Estonia than right now!

We have created a list of the best things, sights, events and activities to participate in Tallinn this year. Choose the things that interest you the most, or why not try to do all of them.

Here’s a list of 100 things to do in Tallinn in 2018.

Learn the story behind

Centenary offers a great excuse to acquaint yourself with Estonian history. The first mention of Tallinn dates back to 1219, when Latvian Henrik mentioned the city in his Chronicle, but there has been people living at the area already 5000 years ago. The history of Estonia and Tallinn is exciting. Several nations have ruled over the city and influenced the architecture, traditions and culture. Get to know the twists and turns of Estonian history with the help of these museums, events and sights.

Master in Estonian culture

Several museums in Tallinn offer insight into the most valuable parts of the Estonian nation. Art, literature, music, theatre and cinema have played important roles in the continuity of Estonian culture at all times. Visit the homes of Estonian writers, admire the works from local artists, see the invitation to Academy Awards and learn to play kannel at these museums presenting Estonian culture.

Discover your inner child

Jump back to your carefree childhood with fun activities in Tallinn! Whether you have kids or not, these attractions fit perfect for a holiday filled with laughter, discoveries and adventure. Start with visiting the elephants, rhinos and polar bears at Tallinn Zoo, continue with the world of puppets and toys, and let your inner cutester roam free!

Get new perspective

Become the ultimate arty-farty

All the bohemians and free thinkers of the world unite! Best place to do so, is of course, Kalamaja, Tallinn, Estonia. Dreaming of an alternative vacation filled with Instagrammable moments? Head to the Tallinn Street Food Festival in Telliskivi Creative City or to Tallinn Craft Beer Week-end at the Creative Hub. Feel free to explore the different sides of Tallinn outside the Old Town.

Be kind to you

The last few years have been rough, so let’s make 2018 the year when we focus on our wellbeing and take better care of ourselves. Don’t worry about work, stress, world politics or any problems you might have, just sit back and relax. Pamper yourself at nice spa treatments and indulge in amazing food.  You are worth everything good that’s coming at your way.

Sweat, stroll and roll with locals

Be ridiculously romantic

At least one over the top romantic holiday should be planned for each year. This year, spend it in Tallinn. Tallinn is the ultimate destination for romantics – exceptionally suitable for proposals and honeymoons. Declare your love over the red rooftops of Old Town or take your significant other for a intimate date in romantic Kadriorg Park.

Make “culture” your second name

Events, festivals, openings, exhibitions, performances, shows, screenings, etc. Tallinn is filled with fascinating cultural events. Which ones to attend in 2018, here’s our short list. There are many many more events taking place in Tallinn in 2018, for more information check our events calendar.

Enjoy nature and quiet small town life

Tallinn is a green city with many parks, trees and birds chirping around. You can find nature at the very heart of Tallinn. The city is not big, but it is the capital, which means that it is the most bubbly and busy city in Estonia. Just ten-twenty minutes away from the centre you can find mellow, quiet small town life. Especially charming are Nõmme, Rocca al Mare and Pirita. Go check them out.

Look into the role of religion Tallinn

Tallinn has several layers and you can choose how deep you choose to explore them while in town. Religion may seem like it’s on the surface, but actually it’s not a part of the life of Estonians. Most of Estonians doesn’t consider themselves religious, although religion has played a role in forming the country and it’s values over the decades. You’ll find churches all over Tallinn. Here are some of the most interesting religious buildings.

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