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Photo by: Kadi-Liis Koppel

TOP 5 take-away coffee shops in Tallinn

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A hot sizzling cup of fresh handmade coffee is not hard to find in Tallinn.

As there are so many places to choose from, we want to make it easier for you to find that perfect cup to take-away and stroll in the streets of Tallinn. These are the coffee shops where you’ll find the best baristas and good quality coffee in Tallinn. So check them out when you need your daily dose of caffeine. 

Gourmet Coffee

Gourmet Coffee uses freshly roasted high-quality coffee roasted by Coffee People. The baristas at Gourmet Coffee are among the best in Estonia and prepare you any coffee drink you wish. If you are hungry you can enjoy a healthy meal or a tasty snack with your coffee. Gourmet Coffee serves you in three locations; KadriorgÜlemiste and city centre.

Photo by: Gourmet Coffee City

Björn Espresso Bar

Björn means bear in Swedish and this Espresso Bar is like a home of a modern urban bear. The baristas at the classy and charming Björn Espresso Bar offer coffee drinks to go, but you can also stay and enjoy the atmosphere at this coffee shop in the city centre. Björn coffee is roasted by Kokomo, a small roastery based in Tallinn.

Photo by: BJÖRN Espresso BAR


Kehrwieder roastery is right at the heart of Old Town, just a few steps from the Town Hall square. This little coffee shop has amazing selection of coffee from various countries around the world and they roast it themselves right at the spot. Smell of freshly-roasted coffee guaranteed! Have a cup of Kehrwieders coffee to go and buy a bag of beans to take home with you.

Photo by: Kehrwieder röstikoda

Epic Coffee

Epic Coffee was founded a few years ago by two baristas. The first coffee shop can be found from the tunnel beneath the Freedom square and at Müürivahe street in Old Town. Epic has their own roastery and is dedicated to good coffee. Have a cup to go or stay and chat with the baristas.

Photo by: Epic Coffee

Renard Coffee Shop

Renard Coffee Shop is located in Kalamaja area close to the popular Telliskivi Creative City. It is not an ordinary café. Renard is simple, stylish and straightforward, but also warm and friendly. The focus is on high-quality coffee and coffee drinks.

Photo by: Renard Coffee Shop

Bonus: The Living Room Café

The Living Room Café is run by local student volunteers and serves as a popular hang-out place for students and artists. The café is of course very cosy, just like a living room! Besides excellent coffee, you can also find snacks and meals and good company at this centrally located café. On weekends the café is filled with live music for you to enjoy.

Photo by: The Living Room Café

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