Tallinn: COVID-19 updates for travel professionals


Can I travel to Tallinn?

In June 2020, Estonia reopened its borders to passengers with no symptoms arriving from the European Union, the Schengen Area, the United Kingdom, and selected non-EU countries. However, if you are coming from a destination where the relative coronavirus infection rate (cases per 100 000 habitants) is above 16, you will have to self-isolate for two weeks - see the website of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the exact conditions and requirements.

Is it safe in Tallinn?

The City of Tallinn is following the recommendations of the Health Board and the orders of the Government in containing the spread of the novel coronavirus.

All local tourism companies have implemented safety precautions to make sure that both their employees and guests feel safe. 

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Do I need to wear a mask in Tallinn?

It is not obligatory to wear masks in Estonia. However, the Health Board recommends wearing a mask indoors and by visitors, who due to his/her age or general health status might be at a higher risk of infection. Masks are sold in every pharmacy, and there is sufficient stock.

Are tourist attractions opened in Tallinn?

The majority of the city's tourist attractions and museums, as well as restaurants, cafés, spas, entertainment facilities and shopping centres are open and waiting for visitors, with necessary precautions taken into action.

Is it safe to use public transport in Tallinn?

The public transport vehicles are disinfected twice per day, but the passengers can contribute to the safety of all on board by following some simple safety measures. There is no entrance from the front door of buses and trolleys, and there is a sanitary zone from the front door to the front seat row, you can not use the front row seats.

Can I come to Tallinn with a group?

There is no specific ban on travelling for groups. But for some services, restrictions may apply, for example, in the number of participants or keeping a safe distance. 

Is organising public events allowed in Tallinn?

Event organisers must disperse people to ensure social distancing and follow the restrictions on the number of participants and room occupancy.
  • Indoor events: a maximum of 1500 participants filling no more than 50% of the venue, unless all participants have clearly marked seats
  • Outdoor events: a maximum of 2000 participants

Is high-quality medical care available in Tallinn?

Medical care in Estonia is effectively organised. If you need medical advice while in Tallinn, please contact the family doctor helpline at +372 634 6630 (or 1220 if you have an Estonian SIM-card).

A doctor answers your health questions in English every day from 15:00 to 17:00 (24/7 in Estonian and Russian) and can also redirect you to the emergency line 112 if necessary.

Should your situation get worse, call 112 for an ambulance.